How to create FREE QR menu

How to create a Free QR Menu

If you want to create a digital menu with a QR code, the first thing to do is access the homepage of

From the homepage you can immediately create an account (100% free) by entering your details: name of the restaurant, mobile number and email address.

Immediately after registration you will receive an email to your inbox. Access your email and inside you will find the data to access the NEW MENU platform

Log in by entering your email and password (received via email) and then click on the LOGIN button. You will access the "dashboard" from which you can start designing your QR code digital menu.

On the home of the dashboard you will have to enter the information of your restaurant: name, description, address, opening hours, etc. .. You can also upload the image of your logo and a "banner" that will be used in the restaurant profile page.


After completing the "Restaurant" form click on the MENU section.

A window will open in which you will have to enter all the information of your menu. You can easily create it from scratch by adding the various categories and then the dishes of that category.

Click on the "+" icon at the top right to start with the first category. For example, create the category "Appetizers". Then click on SAVE to save the category.

Within the created category you can easily add the various dishes by clicking on the "+" and then entering the required information: name of the dish, description, price and image. Here is an example:

After having entered the first dish, proceed with all the others in that category. As you add them you will see them all under the same section, as shown in fig. following:

Once you have completed the first category proceed with the creation of the second, for example "PIZZA" or "HAMBURGER" and insert all the dishes inside.

In a few minutes you can insert all the dishes on your menu because you just have to copy and paste what you already have on your paper menu, nothing more. As for the images, the ideal would be if you can put true photos of your dishes, alternatively you can find them on the internet or leave that field blank.

To preview your menu, before publishing your QR code, you can access the "home" of the dashboard and click on the "View" button at the top right.

By clicking on that "View" button you will access your restaurant card, as seen in the following example:

Once you have entered all the dishes and verified that everything is OK, access the QR Builder section and here will be the QR code of your menu, ready to be used, downloaded and shared. You can customize the design and color of your QR code thanks to the tools and templates made available.


In addition to downloading your QR code in JPEG image (and in high resolution), on the right you will also find a flyer ready to download in editable format with PhotoShop. The flyer, once personalized with your QR code, your logo and name of your restaurant, can be placed on all tables in order to offer this convenient service to all your customers.

When the user scans the QR code on the flyer they will go directly to the menu and see something like this:

Beautiful, is not it? What are you waiting for? Registrer now a FREE account and create your digital menu now!